I'm a pretty descent admirer of vintage that's why this time I bring you, muscular, super handsome, Rex Morgan also went by the alias Buck Hayes who was a gay porno star in the 1980s. He worked for the likes of Colt and Falcon. With a big cut cock.


Double the Ginger, Double the Fun

Where are they now? ~ Steve Kelso

You’re always asking to dig up recent pictures of the alpha men featured in COLT LEGENDS.  The fact of the matter is that some of these guys don’t want to be found! Even if they did, we wouldn’t know the first place to look. Last week, someone commented that beloved COLT Steve Kelso has a page on Facebook, so we jumped at the chance to track down some relatively new shots of him. They were there. They were public… And as creepy and stalker-ish as we feel for grabbing them, we felt the need to point out that he’s aged extremely well.
Steve Kelso, here is he now...


Colt ALPHA LEGEND ~ Jhon Pruitt

Rick Wolfmier

COLT Man Rick Wolfmier made a lasting impression with COLT fans with his dreamlike fantasy scenes on the beaches of Hawaii. With his perfect body builder's physique on full display and with his sensuous and passionate interactions with his equally impressive co-star Mike Betts Rick Wolfmierís godlike presence on the beach translates just as magically in the studio. Rick's sensuous nature and his rugged masculinity pierce through the camera lens to connect directly to his many admirers. To those loyal fans and the new collection of rare photographic gems.

Buck Hayes

A blonde haired, blue eyed muscle god of a man, COLT Man Buck Hayes has all the trappings of a true COLT ICON. His rugged macho exterior warmed up with a down to earth realness, Buck is one of those men with a magnetism all his own. Piercing deep blue eyes, sun-kissed hair, muscle-ripped body and perfectly thick cock... Buck Hayes is an ICON with all the right stuff.