Adrian Bouchet AKA Mark Stevens

Adrian Bouchet AKA Mark Stevens is HOT!  6′4″ of prime British beef, and believe me it doesn’t come any tastier than this! Seeing him in the street was enough to make us turn our heads and gape at him in his suit, but that was nothing compared to when he took his clothes off and showed off his body; perfectly chiselled, with a fine coating of blonde chest hair! Could this guy get any better?… well as soon as he took his fat cock and heavy balls out we found the answer was a resounding yes!

Yes, Mark Stevens was indeed a straight porn star! Why not? This guy has a hot muscular body and his small supporting role as an exploration team member in AVP: Alien vs. Predator can’t reveal it.


Damien Oz said...

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck......... how hot is this blonde bit of beef.

Are there vids of him available for download?


straightloads said...

Hey Damien Oz, sure I do. later tonight I'll give y' all what you are waitin'... check out this hot muscle straight blond some vids.... and I'm totally agree with y' this is a hot mother F*cker!!

A. Hunter said...

Videos! PLEASE!!!

AdamMistoff said...

WOW!!!! the 8th pic, from which movie is it? This is so nice!

Anonymous said...

pleaseeeeeeee let me know!!!!!!!!!!

The pictures look extremely GREAT.
"Which movie is it????????

A lot of kiss for the next answer of my questionXXX

karl said...

certainly ultra-hot.

Chris said...

Most of the pics are from the movie "All About Anna", but i've no idea where the last two pics are from, especially the last but one, it's like from a porn, and i like it!!!
So the author please give us a hint :)