Muscle Daddy: Lou Zivkovich.

Lou Zivkovic He attended the University of Miami where he received a degree in Physical Education and English.  He was a defensive end for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League. He is widely known for appearing as the July 1974 centerfold in Playgirl magazine, at the age of 33. ( on these photos he really looks a bit older than just 33, but still freaking  masculine!)In this photospread, (taken during an expense paid trip to Hawaii), the muscular and hirsute Zivkovich displayed his 6'4" 216 lb. physique -- 46" chest and 35" waist -- in a series of shots which consistently featured full-frontal nudity. There were no erections and no rear-view shots.

Copies of the magazine quickly became something of a collector's item and even sparked brief talk of an acting career for Zivkovich. (He played a supporting role in a McMillan and Wife episode which aired on October 26, 1975.)

However, there were unfortunate ramifications. The high school in Apple Valley, California, where Zivkovich worked as a phys-ed teacher fired him, charging that his appearance in a nude centerfold showed he was not a proper role model for students. Many of these students as well as fellow teachers then came to the defense of Zivkovich who stated: "I don't see anything wrong with a nude body that is a work of art." The case went to a state appeals panel which admonished Zivkovich for a "mistake in judgment" but ruled in March of 1975 that he could not be fired.

One year later, in March 1976, Zivkovich -- along with a bevy of musclemen -- appeared with Mae West in a CBS TV special titled "Dick Cavett's Backlot USA." Mae West's biographer, Simon Louvish, describes Zivkovich at this point as being Mae West's "frequent escort."

Updating some inf about Lou, he acted on a tv show called "mcmillan and wife" in 1975, to be exact, in Oct (season 5th) Requiem for a Bride. too bad I can't seen to find that exactly episode online. I know for sure that netflix has it, so if anyone want to take a look.... I really would love to see him acting on tv... and even wondering how he looks like now...that he may be aroun' 68 years old!  or should we just let it be and be part of a great vintage past...? 


glen_mc said...

All I know is WOOF!!

straightloads said...

Thank you guys! great work! we did it! now we got some descent inf about this masculine alpha... but still if someone else knows a little bit more... "the more the better" :)
thanks for your sweet comments!

Anonymous said...

This is the first photo series that I ever really studied in Playgirl magazine when I was 15 in a local newsstand. I hid it under a Time magazine.
It was the first time in my life that a man ever made me get excited and when my older sister ended up buying it and stashing it under her mattress, it was the first time that I ever masterbated to pictures of a man.
He was the perfect example of a perfect male body to me.
No other men in the issues to come really did anything for me at the ages to come. Until John Matuzak's spread came and I fantasized about him a lot.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Love this Man not to built, but built enough and looks HOT.


Marine O'Sullivan said...

If anyone has this magazine, it would be terrific if you'd scan at high resolution and larger size. He's one of the hottest ever, and it would be so fine for my cock if I could feel like I was right on this guy's body with my face.

allie_pocket said...

it's burt reynolds!

eduardo said...

omg! love his hary pubes


straight loads said...

U GOT TO LOVE that true hairy vintage macho right there