Stephen Ferris

University Man!
Hat’s Off and Congratulations To Stephen Ferris. He Earned His Degree From The University Of Ulster Yesterday! Whether In A Cap And Gown, Body Paint, Kitted, Or Shirtless…
You Are… Sexy As Hell, Baby!
University Man!
Bound And Chained God Of Rugby!
Super Flanker!
Beautiful Smurf!
Just Damn Hot!
You Need A Lycra Kit, Stud!
Nice Arse, Baby!
No, I'm Sure You Have A Bigger Package!
Egg Chasing University Man!
Ulster Guns!


eduardo said...

wofff! love soccers they´re super sexy and masculines love their bubble butts!
i´d love to see Robert Förstemann´s legs he´s incredible
please exchange links?

straight loads said...

yes, Eduardo. if you want to link your blog with mine, that's cool. but please don't spam every comment, ok? many readers are complaining about that.
thank you buddy.