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Alphas in Uniform...

Who can resist a real Macho in his dress blues…or fatigues…or firefighter hat…or, well, you get the idea... Why is that we find men in uniform virtually irresistible? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? what's it about a sharp-dressed man that makes another grown man or woman weak in the knees?

I think could be... that men in uniform appear responsible, someone wearing a uniform has a responsibility to their position, to their country, or their team. If you know a manis responsible we may assumes that responsibility my spill over into other areas. 

Men in uniform appear to be committed, and "commitment" is something that (as men) we often shy away from :). But a man in uniform at least shows he can commit to something. that's always a good start.. right? And lets admit, men in uniform appear clean, tide, crisp and clean. at least initially and they do wear fitted clothing in good condition. uniforms are rarely, if ever, in the wrong size or in need of repair. They exude confidence, they tend to stand taller and speak clearer, and everyone loves a confident man... oh yeah! And least but no last. Men in uniform represent authority, and that's just hot.  After all is it necessary to have even a reason?